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It's not quite English but if anybody ask me write in English, I will start to write both.

Thank you!
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Creative Craft Fair

I got this craft fair' pass yesterday and back today again to get some stuff.

My purpose was Golden Maples Farm's jams but I was still wondering this balsamic vinegar store.
Because I bake French baguette everyday, it will be good to have many kinds of balsamic even though I have one already.

It is $17.00 each.

They let you try their original balsamic, rosemary balsamic, and strawberry balsamic.
I got rosemary' because it tastes nice and sweet, but not too sweet as strawberry's, and I have plain one at home. But definitely others tastes good, too.

They sell some stuff in Victoria,

Ottavio's Deli
St Remo Deli
Niagara Grocery

Ok, now the jams. See this lady (called jam lady) has so many kinds of jams.
It was $5.00 each, 6 for $25.
She let me try and all were good. I also wanted to get their red pepper jam.

Jams looks nice with little X'mas lights.

I got...

Happy mint,
Lime curd,
Oh My God (which is marmalade),
Wild Crabapple
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Greentea Opera

I don't havework right now. All I do at home is being lazy.
I even don't want to do baking, but my hus works hard while I'm being lazy.
This is the desserts after dinner to have nice relax time with him.and some for friends...
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Vista 18

Queen Charlotte Halibut $26.00
~Lemon & Thyme Butter ~

Cortez Island Mussels and Clams $14.00

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Sorry I have been in Japan

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9 and dine @Ardmore golf course


This is their 9 and dine menu ($29), you choose beef or teriyaki chiken burger, and you make your dish as you like, they are buffet style.

Their fries are awesome!!

and I like this course very much! hard to lose your ball (sigh) and big enough to enjoy.
today, their grass was so fast, though.

I want to come back.... to eat their fries.
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cook st village food court

Cook st village food court finally start getting bigger.
Originally, this food court has Thai, sushi, caffe fantastico and Ethiopian.
As summer has come, they get more food outside as kiosk style.

1 fish 2 fish (fish taco cones),
babble tea,
Ethiopian coffee...

and Jesse's grill, this hamburger shop, opened last week I believe. (July 10th?)
Here is their menu. (Sorry for my ugly pic. I took this with landscape mode by accident.)

Not only burgers, they does hot dogs and potato salad. I was waiting this casual hamburger shop opens.
Very friendly staff.
I ordered hamburger with cheese and mushrooms. ($7) Patty was really big! and soft as MOS burger (good burger chain in Japan), smell of the grill... I love it.

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